:: Known bugs and limitations

Bug no. Status Submitted by OS Interpreter Description
4 Open --- ALL ALL REXXTAGS traps when semicolon immediately after end tag.
3 Fixed in 1.1b --- ALL Regina Regina doesn't allow interpreted strings > 1024 chars ("Clause > 1024 chars"). However, if statements are separated by NL (or CR) characters, the problem is solved. REXXTAGS v1.1b has been fixed to generate these characters for Regina.
2 Fixed in 1.1b --- ALL ALL REXXTAGS chokes (500: internal server error) on long HTML lines. This was a bug which was carried from the 1.1.1 version of RSPCOMP.REX, the original Rexx Server Pages compiler. v1.1b has been fixed to correctly generate code for large lines.
1 Closed --- OS/2 REXXSAA 4.00 If you edit your html files with a Windows editor (such as DreamWeaver), the last line of the file is not processed by REXXTAGS (this seems to be a REXX problem related to the fact that Windows editors do not put a Ctrl+Z character at end-of file). Fix: add a blank line after the last line of your REXXTAGS page.

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