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REXXTAGS is a Rexx Server Pages (RSP) compiler, suitable for rapid prototyping of XML tags in REXX and for deployment in small-to-medium sized web sites. Tag semantics is implemented by writing a simple REXX procedure and dropping the code in special (user-defined) directories, which makes code testing and debuging extremely easy. REXXTAGS requires an Apache httpd server, and David Ashley's Mod_Rexx package, and is distributed as open source. REXXTAGS is written and maintained by José María Blasco.

What's on this site:

Some sites which use REXXTAGS:

This site
Espacio Psicoanalitico de Barcelona
Espai Psicoanalitic de Barcelona
Indonesian Dutch Music Video Clips
Josep Maria Blasco i Associats
Gabinete de Psicoterapia

If you are using REXXTAGS in your site and want to appear in this list, e-mail me.

2003-06-15: Released v1.1c with many bug fixes, code cleaning and optimizing, enhanced error handling and variable sharing support, and multi-line support for expressions. Added a test suite.
Released v1.1b with some bug fixes. Updated bugs and limitations. Started version history and news archive.
Added separate docs for scriptlets and expressions; updated tutorial, added samples.
Released v1.1 with cache support and import stmts.
2002-12-13: Added some more samples; updated tutorial; started 'stats' section

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