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Changes in version 1.1c


If you are using cache support, please DELETE ALL CACHE FILES IMMEDIATELY
AFTER INSTALLING THIS VERSION (otherwise, the compiler will continue to
use the cached files).


The special call "QUERY PASSED VARIABLES" has been shortened to "VARIABLES". 
Please update your tags accordingly. 

Features added:

* Add limited stem support for passed variables (now called shared variables):
  'pure vector' stems (i.e., stems in the form stem.0 = n, stem.1..n = value)
  may be passed to a tag, but not more sophisticated forms of stem.

* Allow <%=expressions%> to span several lines. A REXX line continuation
  character (",") is optional and will be removed when re-assembling the
  expression. Please note that expressions can NOT span multiple lines when
  they are part of an XML parameter list, since this would break XML syntax.

* Enhanced and more consistent compiler error handling and reporting.

Bugs fixed:

* Fixed many minor bugs, cleaned and optimized the compiler code.

Changes in version 1.1b

Features added:


* Optimize compiler and generated code.

Bugs fixed:

* Fixed a problem with Regina REXX not allowing interpretation of 
  lines > 1024 characters, unless statements are separated by CR or
  NL characters (bug no. 3).

* BUG FIX: The generated REXX code caused a trap when HTML lines were too 
  large (bug no. 2).

Changes in version 1.1 of 2003-05-27

Features added:

* Add experimental cache support (tested on OS/2).

* Allow REXX code between '<%' and '%>'

* Allow IMPORT statements in RSP files, add QUERY IMPORT special call.

Changes in version 1.0b of 2002-12-12

Bugs fixed:

* REXXTAGS traps when a TAGDEPENDENT tag body includes a '"' character.

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