:: Quick installation guide
  1. Install Apache and Mod_Rexx as per their respective documentations. Of course you'll also need some version of Rexx running on your computer.

  2. REXXTAGS is a Rexx Server Pages (RSP) compiler (see the Mod_Rexx documentation). You must use the RexxRspCompiler directive to activate the REXXTAGS compiler (the directive can appear anywhere, including <Directory>, <Location>, <Files> sections, or .htaccess files), for example:

    RexxRspCompiler "c:/apache/rexxtags.rex"

    You may use REXXTAGS on some directories, RSPCOMP on other directories, and no RSP technology on others, if you so desire.

  3. Unzip the distribution file, and put the rexxtags.rex compiler in the directory chosen above.

  4. Choose one or several "taglib" directories. You will place your Rexx Tag procedures in these directories.

  5. Declare a Rexx stem to Mod_Rexx using the RexxSetVar directive which contains the "taglib" directories. For example, here's the setup for two sample directories:

    RexxSetVar taglib.0 2
    RexxSetVar taglib.1 "c:/taglib/"
    RexxSetVar taglib.2 "c:/taglib/extras/"

    Don't forget the final "/". In some OS you may need to use the character "\" instead, and in this case you'll need to escape the character.

  6. Now you can put your tags (try some samples) in one of the taglib directories, and start writing XML pages which use those tags. The extension should be .rsp, not .rex. You can also use .html (or .htm, or whatever else you'd like), but in that case you'll have to modify the standard Mod_Rexx distribution configuration. For example,

    AddType application/x-httpd-rexx-rsp .rsp .html

    enables all .rsp files and all .html files for REXXTAGS processing. Please be careful if you add .html as an extension, because this implies that all .html files will be processed by REXXTAGS. And remember that you can use the above association on a per-directory basis.

  7. Consider whether you would like to activate caching (you can always activate it later). Caching greatly accelerates http download, and is described here.

  8. Enjoy REXXTAGS!

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