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To make it simple, REXXTAGS is a very easy way to write XML tags in the REXX language.

As a trivial example, let's suppose that you'd like to have an emphasis tag, <sample:em>, which emphasizes text by showing it in bold and italic. You'd like to be able to write XML code like

XML Code

  1:This is normal text, <sample:em>and this is emphasized
  2:text</sample:em>. This is normal again.

and obtain the following output on your browser:

Browser output (shown centered)

This is normal text, 0and this is emphasized text0. This is normal again.

To achieve this effect, all you have to do is to write a REXX tag:

REXX Tag code

  1:Parse arg verb
  3:  If verb == 'START' Then Return '<b><i>'
  4:  If verb == 'END' Then Return '</i></b>'
  6:Return 0

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