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  1:<rexxtags:page title="What do I need to run REXXTAGS?" type="Tutorial">
  3:<p>You need an <a href="">Apache</a> server
  4:   and David Ashley's <a href="">Mod_Rexx</a>
  5:   package from IBM developerWorks.
  8:<p>Currently (as of release 1.2.0), Mod_Rexx supports
  9:   Apache 1.3.x and Apache 2.0.x on Windows, Unix and OS/2.
 10:   Read the corresponding Mod_Rexx documentation for more details.
 13:<p>You also need a <a href="">REXX</a> implementation
 14:   (as IBM's Classic REXX, Object REXX or Regina).
 15:   Again, please refer to the Mod_Rexx documentation for details.
 18:<p>And, of course, you'll need <a href="/donwload.html">REXXTAGS</a> itself.</p>

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