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First, you should get Apache and Mod_Rexx running.

You then have to choose a directory where you'll put the REXXTAGS compiler (e.g., c:\apache), and add a directive in the Apache configuration file (usually httpd.conf) so that Mod_Rexx can use the compiler, for example:

     RexxRspCompiler "c:/Apache/rexxtags.rex"

Mod_Rexx allows you to specify a different compiler for each directory, if you so desire. You can assign the REXXTAGS compiler to a test directory if you want.

Finally, you should choose one or more directories to contain the REXX tag procedures. We will refer to those directories as the taglib directories throughout this tutorial. These directories may be located anywhere in your filesystem. You'll have to declare the directories to the REXXTAGS compiler by using Mod_Rexx's RexxSetVar directive to create a 'taglib' REXX stem, for example:

     RexxSetVar taglib.0 2
     RexxSetVar taglib.1 "C:/apache/rex/"
     RexxSetVar taglib.2 "C:/apache/rex/test/"

You can specify different taglib directories for different web directories: Mod_Rexx allows that. Obviously, if you did assign the REXXTAGS compiler to a test directory, you'll have to declare your taglib directories in the same directory.

That's all. You can now start writing your own REXX tags.

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