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  1:<rexxtags:page title="What's the setup for REXXTAGS?" type="Tutorial">
  3:<p>First, you should get Apache and Mod_Rexx running.</p>
  5:<p>You then have to choose a directory where you'll put the REXXTAGS compiler (e.g., c:\apache),
  6:and add a directive in the Apache configuration file (usually httpd.conf) so that Mod_Rexx can use the compiler,
  7:for example:</p>
  9:<pre>     RexxRspCompiler &quot;c:/Apache/rexxtags.rex&quot;</pre>
 11:<p>Mod_Rexx allows you to specify a different compiler for each directory, if you so desire.
 12:You can assign the REXXTAGS compiler to a test directory if you want.</p>
 14:<p>Finally, you should choose one or more directories to contain the REXX tag procedures.
 15:We will refer to those directories as <i>the taglib directories</i> throughout this tutorial.
 16:These directories may be located anywhere in your filesystem.
 17:You'll have to declare the directories to the REXXTAGS compiler
 18:by using Mod_Rexx's RexxSetVar directive to create a 'taglib' REXX stem, for example:</p>
 19:<pre>     RexxSetVar taglib.0 2
 20:     RexxSetVar taglib.1 &quot;C:/apache/rex/&quot;
 21:     RexxSetVar taglib.2 &quot;C:/apache/rex/test/&quot;
 23:<p>You can specify different taglib directories for different web directories: Mod_Rexx allows that.
 24:Obviously, if you did assign the REXXTAGS compiler to a test directory,
 25:you'll have to declare your taglib directories in the same directory.</p>
 27:<p>That's all. You can now start writing your own REXX tags.</p>

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